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Eye Candy For Freakz

Totally Sweet. Totally Fat-Free

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I  love being Daria at my school. I can’t wait to hit class as Daria soon.

A work in progress

Here,  Kitty, Kitty……

My crew and I as the Daria gang with me as Daria,  my girls  Sonia as Jane Lane, Vanessa as Brittany, and Tommy as Trent Lane.

My FIRST Mardi Gras  dressed as Draculaura and getting my FIRST Zulu Coconut! YAY!  <3


no worries

follow me


Feelin’ “Operetta-ish”  today in New Orleans.  <3


It was what it was. on We Heart It - http://weheartit.com/entry/46917098/via/yareethalmaada

My sister  took this pic  of me sketching Brandy Harrington in  the doctor’s office.

(C)  Novella Vontrinkett

(c)  Novella Cooper